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Meow Maze T Shirts and Other Merchandise Now Available

Published on January 12th, 2012 by in i love cats

I Heart Cats… I Heart Meow Maze

You asked for it cat lovers :) Now there are officially Meow Maze T Shirts, buttons, coffee mugs, iPad & iPhone cases, and much much more. Basically if they would let us put “I Heart Meow” on it, we did. We have different designs available as well for every cat lover who needs more meow in their lives. If we missed something that you wanted let us know! Click the nearest country for your Meow Maze store below:



2 Responses

  1. Melody Grace M. Muring

    How can i order a shirt? and how much does it costs? please reply thanksss :)

    • admin

      Just click on your countries icon above and that will take you to the appropriate store where you can purchase Meow Maze T-shirts and much more! Thanks for playing Meow Maze! :) Also if you liked Meow Maze check out Meow Maze Zombie Cats here! Meow Maze Zombie Cats Free

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